Why iPads Charge Very Slow – Explanation


Here is the explanation Why iPads Charge Very Slow and Tips to charge your iPad fast. The ipad is one of apple’s most popular products but users often complain how long it takes to charge compared to other devices like the iPhone and apple AirPods. There are a few reasons for slow charging of iPad which I’ll explain in this article, right now.

Why iPads Charge Very Slow

Following are the reasons behind slow charging of an iPad.

  • Battery
  • Wall Adapter
  • Charging Cable
  • Being used while charging
  • Software Problems
  • iPad Settings

iPad’s Battery

First has to do with battery size. The iphone 12 features a 275 milliamp hour battery while the m1 macbook air battery comes in at 4379 milliamp hours. But consider the ipad air whose battery comes in at over 7600 milliamp hours.

This is what allows the device to deliver all-day battery life but it’s also what contributes to its sluggish charging. Now you also have to consider what power adapter is being used.

iPad Power Adapter

The iPad mini still uses a lightning connector and until recently in 2018 so did every other model.

That led customers to simply charging their ipad with the same cable and wall adapter as their iphone and while that is a quick and simple approach. It’s not the most effective since powering a battery that’s almost three times larger than the iphones will result in a charge that takes three times longer to complete.

But even if you use the ipad air’s high-powered wall adapter it’ll still take longer to charge at about two and a half hours to fill from zero to one hundred percent while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 takes about one hour and forty minutes although those numbers only hold true when the device is asleep.

Being used while charging

If it’s being used while charging things get even worse the ipad uses much more power than the iphone. So more of the charger’s energy is being used to simply power the device and less is used to fill up the battery

And consider the type of adapter apple includes with the ipad. It’s 20 watts the same one included with the iphone 11 pro even though its battery is several times larger. Even the m1 MacBook Air includes a 30 watt wall adapter despite its battery being significantly smaller than the ipad.

So all these factors… battery size, wall adapter capabilities and being used while charging can contribute to a painfully slow recharging experience.

How to Charge iPads fast

By following some rules which are given below can charge your iPads fast.

  • Stop charging iPad with your computer.
  • Use the adapter that came with your iPad.
  • Stop using non-compatible power adapters or charging cables.
  • Clear out iPad’s charging port.
  • Restart the iPad on weekly or monthly basis.
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